Eliot Matthew Gannon

Software and Web Systems Developer

About Me

I am 24, I love computers and computer games. I'm more interested in software programming and web development than hardware but I do have some background knowledge of hardware and maintaining a windows server running all types of rules and features, in fact this site is hosted on my own physical HP micro server. I am currently a student at Staffordshire University studying Computer Games Programming learning all new types of programming languages and enhancing my knowledge in languages I have already taken an interest in.

My Skills

Web Development

During placement year at University and on own personal interest. I have knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javasctipt and PHP

Software Development

During University I have been learning and programming software and games with C#, C++ & Java as well as in my placement year I was involved in a project on developing an IOS app in objective-C

Works Well In a Team

From previous work experience for University team modules as well as in previous jobs I have worked within a small team with my contributed ideas and working with others in the team.

Software Portfolio

  • XNA Y1


    Created a game in XNA with particles, movement, collision and slight AI with the enemy's moving towards the player.


    C++ & OPENGL (UNI YEAR 1)

    This game was programmed in C++ with OpenGL for graphics, this game was to demo objects being loaded into the game via a custom passer with the ability to move the object plane up and down with tilting animation.

    3D modeling


    Aside from programming one of the modules I chose was a 3D modelling project with small group work all creating different models, my model of the group was a space station created in 3DS Max.

  • CplusBankSys


    Aside from graphical programs, I created a banking system in C++ which allows users to login, deposit an amount, withdraw an amount, setup mortgages as well as organise child accounts.



    This program developed in C++ is to show physics and AI in a game, this includes collisions, gravity and projectile missiles effected with the gravity

    Chash Y3


    I created an airport program to simulate different threads and buffers and how a plane would move between them to get to the destination hub with checks to make sure the next thread is available to move into.

  • lowlevel

    Low Level Raytracer (UNI Year 3)

    For this module I created a raytracer that renders out images at a desired resolution which then uses ffmpeg converts the images into a MP4 video with folder creation and cleanup. This module was to also look at programming onto the PS4 platform.


    UE4 Group Game - Unleaded (UNI Year 3)

    This game was created in Unreal Engine in a group of 10 people in different teams of Animators, Designers, FX and Tech. As part of the tech team my role was to create the game in UE4 blueprints which included me creating the track splines, streetlamp generation, camera track, track barriers for each level and creating the game pickups.

    2016 05 15 3

    Final Year Project - C# 2D Procedural Track (UNI Year 3)

    For my University project, I created a program / game to generate race track designs procedurally to make each race unique and enjoyable for all. I feel that most common race games have the same tracks repeated but with procedural generation, the track will always be new with players not having any experience in the track.

Website Portfolio

  • lwc

    Learn With Confidence

    During college I developed and hosted a website for my driving instructor's business for a couple of months whilst learning to drive with them, this website was programmed in HTML, CSS and PHP with the intention to use SQL later.

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    gamercast fm


    GamerCast-FM was a private online radio between my friends with multiple friends as DJ's as well as an auto-DJ which had a collection of songs to play randomly when no one was DJing. The online radio service was hosted on my old physical home server and had to be set to private due to lack of radio broadcasting licence.

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    StaffordFurs (Live)

    StaffordFurs is a currently live site for a community of people with similar interests, this site has been programmed in HTML, CSS, PHP and an active connection to an SQL database. Currently, though the new site is only just recent and not fully developed yet.

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  • furcation snip

    Furcation 2017

    From the success of Furcation 2016 and being on the Staff team as Lighting Operator, I took on the task of the latest Furcation Website build within SilverStripe and using a Template Design to develop off of.

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